Quizix Precision Pumps

Decades of experience from Reservoir Condition Displacement Experiments have convinced our engineers that reliability and accuracy is of key importance to produce quality data, with a minimum of uncertainty, for our clients’ estimation of Hydrocarbon Production Profiles.  Hence, RS Systems is proud to be the authorised distributor for Quizix Pump Systems in Norway.

Chandler Engineering offers different lines of Quizix pump systems; 

5000 Series6000 Series  

Each of these lines includes several different models with different maximum pressure and flow rate specifications.

All Quizix pumps are positive displacement pumps. All operate with PumpWorks Software and have an extremely precise flow rate, volume and pressure control. All models offer pulse-free continuous flow at constant rate, constant pressure or constant volume delivery modes and can also be operated in single cylinder batch mode.

The variety of models within the Quizix line offers several key advantages. The wide range of flow rates, pressure configurations and available options allow Quizix pumps to meet virtually any experimental requirement from bench top to pilot scale. The ability of Quizix pumps to handle almost any slurry, paste, liquid or gas provides unique capability not found in other positive displacement pumps. Exceptional flow rate accuracy, combined with non-stop pulseless flow makes Quizix pumps ideal for applications involved with rock core analysis/reservoir engineering, oil and gas production enhancement studies, EOR/IOR, PVT, rock mechanics, catalyst or chemical feed stock addition for reactor feed/chemical synthesis and any fluid delivery application where critical fluid delivery or pressure control is required.