In-situ Saturation Monitoring

Most of the equipment and set-ups designed and manufactured by RS Systems are prepared for advanced saturation control. The bulk of reservoir condition displacement setups utilize either;

  • Line scanning using X-rays
  • X-ray camera systems (used by CIPR for the polymer injection test shown above)
  • Line Scanning using gamma rays

ISSM vertical displacement.png

The figure above shows the saturation profile at several different time steps during a vertical displacement of oil by hydrocarbon gas. The saturation profiles are measured by line scans.

Further, RS Systems also have several projects were the flow unit is designed so that in-situ saturation monitoring is done by;

  • Computerized Tomography (CT)

And finally, RS Systems have designed core holders intended for;

  • Pore scale saturation monitoring using micro CT

where the displacement process is studied and modeled on the pore scale level.