Dynamic Displacements

RS Systems manufacture a wide selection of dynamic displacement setups, especially designed to simulate reservoir condition displacement processes:

  1. Effect of reservoir condition on flow properties
  2. Unsteady State and Steady State displacements (gas/oil/water) at reservoir condition with in-situ saturation monitoring
  3. Gas condensate studies
  4. Enhanced oil recovery displacement studies
  5. Formation damage studies

Our expert team has decades of experience in design, manufacturing and use of the above mentioned systems and will assist clients if variations of the above types of equipments are needed.

Most of these experiments take weeks and even months to prepare. Any failure during the experimental sequence may cause several delays, and in some cases loss of core- and fluid samples. Needless to say, this will add considerable cost to the project. Hence, proper monitoring of the experimental process is extremely important to save time and money. As a consequence most of RS Systems set-ups include:

  1. Automatic valves
  2. Computer controlled processes
    • local control
    • remote control
  3. Alarm systems
  4. Built in Safety Shut-Down based on Cause and Effect Evaluations in co-operation with client


Touch Screen Process Control