Core Holders

Carbon Composite

RSS model 05CH-01MK5 with Mounting Fixture & Sequence:

This coreholder is designed for general versatile use for reservoir conditions studies and is X-ray transparent. CE compliant by third part verifcation available upon request.



MAWP Standard model: 470 bar @ 150 ºC
MAWP HPHT model:  700 bar @ 150 ºC
Material Core-Holder Body: Carbon composite/Aluminum
Material process wetted parts:SS 316, optional HastelloyC
Port configuration:AE W125, dual or triple
Material ring nut: Aluminum-bronze
Coreholder vessel size:   Ø 100 mm x L 500mm
Maximum core length: 300 mm (option availabe)
Electrical insulated floating piston: Yes
Core diameter:   Ø38 mm (1,5”)

Carbon Composite with Axial Pressure Ports