Basic Equipment


Quick Load Core Holder

RS Systems design and manufacturing activities are mostly related to complex multicomponent set-ups. However, RS Systems also provide some basic equipment to be integrated in these systems and equipment for standard laboratory support. Examples of such equipment are:

  1. Composite core holders of varying length and specifications, avoiding external steel support rods, for;
    • Line Scans (X-ray & Gamma rays)
    • CT Scans                                            
    • Micro CT Scans
  2. Quick Load Core Holders for more efficient laboratory work flow
  3. Automated flow through cleaning systems
  4. Critical point drying units
  5. Graduated separator systems
  6. Heating cabinets
  7. Pressure control/monitoring systems
  8. Flow modules for laboratory displacements;
    • Relative permeability
    • Formation Damage
    • Enhanced Oil Recovery

Cleaning unit build details 02.jpg

Details from the manufacturing of a Flow Through Cleaning Unit