RS Systems setups for reservoir condition displacements with in-situ saturation monitoring are complex units which require multiple components to interact in the most efficient way.  To achieve the best possible solution our systems are equipped with custom made software, frequently adjusted to meet our clients special internal needs.

Parameters to be controlled may include;

  • temperature and temperature zones
  • pump rates at different time steps
  • saturation scans at different time steps and locations
IMG_0764 (3).JPG
Operation of a RS Systems EOR Displacement Unit via Touch Screen

The first objective for the software system is process control of the displacement processes our clients plan to simulate by laboratory experiments, and still maintain the flexibility for future variation in the experimental protocol.

Secondly, all acquired data (pressure, temperature, conductivity, rates, saturations and produced volumes) versus time (and location) are stored and reported to the client.  Our clients use different data base systems, and hence, the software provided with our equipment must be able to communicate with our client´s existing software solutions.

Finally, most units are operating at high pressure and temperatures using flammable hydrocarbon fluids.  This requires robust cause/action algorithms to;

  1. Trigger alarms to Control Center and Operator (PC/Mobile Phone)
  2. Suggest Actions or, if needed, Perform a Controlled Closed Down of Experiment

This enable the system to minimise experimental failures as well as keeping the Operational Safety at the highest level.