Consultancy & Training

RS Systems´ team has several decades of experience

RS Systems´ team has several decades of experience in the following areas:

  • experimental design
  • design of laboratory test protocols and equipment
  • reservoir condition testing
  • data acquisition and data implementation in geo- and reservoir models
  • interpretation and simulation of laboratory experiments

Extensive training and testing of the equipment

Our experts are frequently involved in both consultancy and training activities in the above fields. Due to the complexity of the reservoir condition set-ups, many clients choose to involve RS Systems' specialists in the initial stages of the operation of delivered systems. This enable our clients to build their own experience in an controlled environment, as real reservoir studies are performed in the laboratory.

Laboratory testing

Porosity, permeability, relative permeability, conductivity and capillary pressure are of the most important parameters measured, or interpreted from laboratory testing.

Porosity and capillary pressure are important parameters for calculations of hydrocarbons in place (OIIP & GIIP). While permeability and relative permeability are important in-put for calculations of production profiles from an oil or gas field, and hence for the estimation of recovery from a potential reservoir.